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The Zodiac Story, You Are Unique In The Eyes Of The Universe

“Creek” The tall door of the paradise hall opened.

“Who’s entering now?” Aries stopped talking and looked at the door.

“Hey! Capricorn… Over here” Gemini waved her hand.

“Look at your dress” Capricorn sounded surprised.

“Is there anything wrong with my dress?” Gemini asked as she was worried.

“Not at all. It’s really beautiful. I think you are wearing the perfect dress to suit you” Capricorn replied.

“Isn’t it Cancer and Taurus?” Capricorn looked at her other zodiac friends.

They all nodded their heads and the friends exchanged delightful smiles.

“Where is Libra?” Taurus was curious.

“Is she not coming?” Aries looked sad.

“She promised she’d come, '' Cancer assured her friends.

“No one misses the invitation to hang out in the enchanted paradise hall” Aries whispered to her friends.

“What do you think about my dress, Capricorn?” Aries asked as she cheerfully circled around her friends.

“Well, it’s pink and white and we all think it’s a gorgeous dress,” Capricorn smiled.

“Pink and white bring out the color of your eyes,” Taurus said.

“Hi there, friends” Libra appeared in front of her friends.

“We thought you’d never show up,” Laughed all the zodiac girls.

“Ding.. dong” The bell rang at once.

“All of us are here. Who could be that?” The zodiac girls were concerned.

The door opened up and there was another zodiac girl standing.

“Look! Another Gemini..” Exclaimed the zodiac girls.

“What is she wearing?” The Gemini girl who came in first anxiously asked.

“Which dress out of ours defines the Gemini more?” The first Gemini looked into her friend's eyes.

“Hello! Gemini” Greeted all the other zodiac girls.

“I’m the real Gemini and my dress defines us more” the first arrived, Gemini screamed as she took a closer look at the other one.

“Don’t you all think it’s me? I have the perfect dress that goes with the color of my hair” The other Gemini replied.

“It’s not you. It’s me”

“No. It’s not you. It’s me” The two Geminis started to argue.

“Girls, don’t argue. Look at her dress and look at yours. Both of them are really pretty and attractive.

“You are both Gemini and beautiful,” Capricorn and Libra said.

The two Gemini girls looked at each other and smiled for the first time.

“Remember, You are unique in the eyes of the universe” Aries grabbed two Gemini girls' hands and said.

They bowed to each other and cheerfully joined the chit-chat with their other friends.

“How about a friendly group hug, friends?” Aries smiled.

All the zodiac friends smiled and gently hugged each other.

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