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Our Rewards Program

At Little You, we have the points system which are gained through some interactions. Plus, who wouldn't love a free toy? 

Ways To Earn Points

Kids are encouraged to share their own creation and then people can look it up, while getting certain rewards. Either liking it, looking it up, sharing it or even purchasing it will earn you extra points, which can afterwards come in handy.

1 Point

Anyone Liked Your Creation

5 Points

Share Your Creation in Gallery

20 Points

First Time Signup

50 Points

Anyone Purchased Your Creation

How to Redeem Points

The Redeem option only comes with an interval of 1000 points, if you have 5000 points, you will get $50 dollars and vice versa. An option will be available at checkout through which you can exchange the 1000 points for $10 dollars.

Cube pig with yellow cubes





Off of Your Purchase

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