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The Magic Dress

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Once upon a time, there lived a little girl. She lived with her mom and dad. She had a beautiful glowing big pair of eyes inherited from her mom and her hair was long and flowing. Her black hair shined like a star in the night sky, just like her dad’s.

It was a beautiful Monday morning!!!

She opened the window and stretched her arms as she enjoyed the golden rays of sun sneaking through the stripes of the window. Her skin glowed like white snow.

She dressed up in her school attire and with her giant pair of spectacles on she looked like a real smart student.

She came downstairs as it was the time to leave for her school.

She was in such a hurry that she couldn’t gulp down her breakfast.

“We love you..” her mom and dad gave her a quick hug.

She had a wonderful family.

They were always there for her.

She never had to sit in a corner of the house and cry for help when in need.

“Tuesday is already upon us”, the little girl thought for a while.

As usual she got ready. She put her uniform on and ran to the school.

That night as she was looking at the night sky she saw a bright shooting star moving across the sky.

The little girl closed her big round eyes and wished for a miracle.

Next day she suddenly opened her eyes as she heard a sweet whisper calling out her name.

“Come to me my dear girl, hold my hand”, a soft voice came from her wardrobe.

“Step inside girl. I’m the fabulous fashion fairy, the queen to all beautiful apparels. Close your eyes and imagine your dream dress of all times and I will magically dress you up as “THE ONE” you imagined”, she said.

The girl was surprised and couldn’t believe what she just saw, a gorgeous fairy with a shining pair of wings and she was super excited to give a try.

“Are you ready? Now count to three”, whispered the magnificent fairy.

“I’m only here for one special moon”, she continued.

“Hold on a second”, the little girl’s happiness paused.

“What if… what if my mom and dad won’t like this?” she asked.

She was worried that they would ground her for a week and she didn’t want to make them unhappy.

“Do not fear my child. You will always have the power to change back and they are your family, they will support you to be whoever you want to be, I’m sure of that”, said the fairy.

The little girl thought about the sky and how beautiful and clear it is and she closed her eyes and she began to count to three. She felt a gentle cold breeze flowing around her and she opened her eyes.

She couldn’t believe her eyes. The queen of fashion has given her a beautiful makeover to her hair and her dress was simply fabulous.

The blue color was not too dark or not too light, it was the perfect blend.

There she was standing beside the mirror with blue hair and pretty eyes and she looked like a beautiful princess. That was exactly what she imagined and she couldn’t believe what she saw.


Her mom opened the door.

The little girl came inside and her happiness was seen in her eyes.

Mom and dad kept staring at her for a while. And they looked at each other and they smiled.

“Aren’t you two mad at me?”, she asked.

“We are your family and we love you no matter what. You always have the freedom to be who you are and dress what you like honey”, mom said and dad kissed her forehead gently with a heart full of love.

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