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"The Mimaki Toys will feature vibrant colors and will be produced taking into the children’s safety and security."

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"The new Mimaki high-resolution full-color 3D printing material provides more quality, vibrant colors, and safety for children."

"The figurines reveal the enormous potential for full-color 3D printing, a composite that can handle being dropped, bent and twisted."

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"With RIZE’s materials, Little You-designed custom figures can move off the shelf and into the hands of the creator."


"You are just one 3D printer away from helping your child unlock all the greatness and potential you already know is inside them."


"Little You lets characters invented by children become reality with 3D printing."


"Creativity is an incredible stress reliever, especially in the arts, and gives us the chance to express ourselves freely that liberates us."


"Having a tangible outcome to the virtual design process is a fantastic reward for children's creativity."


"Children can take their creations everywhere: throw them in backpacks, carry them in their pockets, share them with friends or dance with them in the rain."


"Online 3D modelling usually involves fun activities like shaping a 3D character, creating beautiful images or even creating a virtual robot.

Copy of Custom 3D Anime Figure

"The new material should make Little You’s products more attractive to clients and is a good move to gain traction."

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"The company has thrived to continue to grow to bring more designs and features in the future to continue to free the little one’s imaginations."


"Little You shows how innovative toy companies are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible."

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"Ultimately, arts and crafts can be implemented into almost every lesson plan. Don’t be afraid to get crafty in your classroom."


"It’s no secret that technology is becoming more popular in daily life, especially with kids.... 3D printing is an activity available for all."


"In my opinion, the most fun part about this application is the ability to create a totally personalized character out of a wide variety of options."


"Little You, encourage kids to get creative by using their imagination to make unique custom anime figurines that can be printed in 3D."


"Little You use a great application to 3D printing your anime figures. It is easy to use, and within some time, you will get what you desire."


"Nurture Creative Growth in Kids during COVID-19 with Little You."


"Little You, The First Company to Offer MINI Toys With High-quality Print at Affordable Prices."


"It enables the development of toys that are both full colour and durable, and allows Little You to more efficiently scale its operations."


"This marks a potential important shift in full-color 3D printing, a technology segment with some of the highest potential for consumer-directed applications."


"For an English class, teachers can have students use descriptive writing to capture the character’s experience."


"I’m doing what I am passionate about — allowing others to experience the joy and scientifically-proven developmental utility of art."


"RIZE has partnered with Little You so that kids can turn their wildest imaginations into functional 3D anime toys."


"Three reasons you need to start getting your kids into 3D printing today.


"I want to share how my entrepreneurial journey and business were sparked by realizing it is not “impossible”, but rather “I’m possible."


"Helming a kid-centered company can help the next generation thrive."


"Little You want you to know there is a different way to create toys that you will love. They are toys just for you, made by you. "