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The Legend of The Pandemic Heroes

Once upon a time in 2020, there was a special period called “The Pandemic Period”. Tiny particles were spread everywhere causing a breathing difficulty disease. Tiny particles were called the Covid-19 virus and lots of people got infected everyday.

Some people were lucky enough to recover from it but some people didn’t live to feel the warmth of the bright sun the next day.

The great doctors and scientists have found the way of how it was spreading around the world, from one place to the other.

The naughty coronavirus was a sneaky little virus. It traveled from person to person when people held each other's hands and also when they talked seated very closely. The virus kept jumping back and forth to each and everybody making it extremely difficult to go on about daily lives.

Only solution that was there to limit the spread of the virus was to limit the travel and stop the physical contact at all, at least for a while.

Every possible way of gathering people was stopped.

Well!!! This was really bad news for Ben and his friends.

“Breaking news”, a news presenter was talking on the TV.

Ben woke up.

“Your school is closed little guy”, said his mom.

“Why my school?” Ben asked with a sleepy voice.

“Not just yours, all the schools are closed to prevent the covid-19 spread”, mom continued.

Ben couldn’t believe his ears. He even pulled his ears to check if he heard that right.

At first, he felt a slight happiness of not having to go to school but that merry feeling didn’t last long in his heart.

“You will have to go to the online school”, she screamed from the other side of the kitchen.

“I can’t believe that I have to stay at home all day”, Ben complained.

“Hey mister, mommy is going to work from home as well”, said his mom.

Ben was given his own laptop and he wondered what it would be to learn with his classmates online.

After all it wasn’t that bad but at times he thought if things would ever go back to how it was in everybody’s lives.

“Treeing Treeing” The alarm started dancing sharply at 6.30am. It was another Monday morning.

Ben was comfortably lying on the bed wearing his fluffy panda night cap with rosy cheeks.

The alarm rang non-stop. Ben woke up and rubbed his eyes.

It was another beginning of a week filled with online schooling and tutoring.

Ben wasn’t feeling like washing himself up. He tossed around for a while and went to have his breakfast.

“This life is boring”, Ben said as he sat down at the table. His bowl of cereal was still and he had no appetite to eat at all.

His mom seemed to enjoy the morning newspaper.

Ben was sad and he thought about the good times he had at school.

He thought about how fun it was to float on the swing with his friends and cheerfully slide down and play ball with everybody together. Ben missed his friends and friendly cuddles, but he had to stay strong and stay connected to all of his friends.

“That’s what true heroes would do”, he thought. He knew the situation was serious and that he had to listen to the rules.

He sighed as he stared across the living room.

“Hurry up Ben. You’re late for school”, his mom shouted.

Ben pulled himself together and sat in front of the laptop.

“Good morning all,”Ben said with a joyful smile.

He was glad that he was able to stay in touch with his friends during the days of pandemic.

The class was fun.

Winsley has forgotten to mute her microphone and her golden retriever started barking right in the middle of the science period.

“Winsley your dog is not invited for the class”, said Mrs. Robertson with a firm voice.

It was funny to see how the dog kept wagging his tail and barked really loud.

Ben and his friends were laughing and it was really refreshing. For a second, they actually forgot that they were connected through wireless magic. Even though they were miles apart it felt as if their hearts were together united as one.

“It’s really good to stay in touch with my friends”, whispered Lisa.

“We have to be patient and strong and overcome this difficult period together”, said Ben.

“I know, it’s hard for everybody”, said Winsley.

“We are all in this together my son, together let’s defeat the coronavirus”, his mom said as she gently hugged her son.

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