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The Christmas Story, Thank You For Always Being My Santa

“Knock… Knock”

“I think the guests are here”

“Annie, could you please get the door?” Mom said while preparing the Christmas dinner.

“On it, mom,” Annie cheerfully replied as she rushed to the door.

It was another beautiful Christmas Eve with family.

Annie looked outside the window and watched the beautiful snowflakes falling off the sky, creating different shapes and shades.

It was the best time of the year and she could not be happier to see her grandpa and grandma at the door.

“I’m so glad that you made it, grandpa and grandma” Annie hugged her grandparents.

“I wouldn’t miss Christmas with you for the world,” Grandma and grandpa replied with kind smiles.

“I’m excited to know what Santa is going to give me this Christmas,” Annie giggled.

“We can’t wait to open our presents” Annie and her friends giggled as they danced around grandpa.

“I’m sure, you will love it” Mom smiled as she arranged the table.

“I want to meet Santa and thank him for all the great presents he got me so far” Annie said.

“HOHOHO, Christmas is just magical. A Christmas secret will unfold in front of your eyes” Grandpa smiled.

“Santa must be busy packing our presents. Isn’t it grandpa?” Annie smiled.

“Of course, Annie,” Grandpa replied.

“Gather up! Who wants to hear a Christmas tale?” Grandma asked the children.

Everyone sat by the warm fire that sparkled the night while Annie helped her mom.

“Wait for me,” She said while arranging the plates.

“I will get dressed and come” She ran to the room and came back wearing a beautiful pink dress with rosy buttons.

“You look gorgeous my sweetheart” Mom pressed a kiss on her forehead.

Annie sat beside grandma.

Grandma told a wonderful story about a little star who believed in the magic of Christmas, received a miracle from Santa, and became the north star.

“The little star was tired of hiding behind the clouds. She wanted to be bright and make a difference in the world. All the other stars mocked her for wanting to dream big,” Grandma said.

Grandma took a deep breath and began to tell the story.

“Once upon a time, on Christmas eve, the little star saw Santa dressed in red and yellow, flying above the clouds carrying presents.

“I have been a good star. Will you give me a present?” The little star asked Santa.

“He heard the little star and stopped the carriage.”

“I will make you the brightest star of them all and you shall spread joy across the sky,” Santa said.

“Will the other stars stop mocking me?” The little star was curious.

“They will look up to your brightness” Santa gently smiled.

“The little star turned into the north star. And it showed the way to all the lost snowflakes and people”

“You must never stop believing in your dreams. Christmas miracles are real.” Grandma finished the story.

“That’s a beautiful story grandma” Annie pressed a kiss to grandma’s forehead.

“It’s time to unwrap your presents,” Announced mom.

“Yay! " All the children screamed with joy.

“I have a surprise for you Annie,” Grandpa said at once.

He grabbed that one present wrapped in glitter paper and walked towards Annie.

“Open it up” Grandpa whispered to her ears.

Annie held the gift box and slowly opened it up and a sudden mystical glowing wind swirled around her.

“Look at Annie. She is wrapped in a sparking spiral of light” Everyone remarked.

“Wow” Annie couldn’t believe her eyes. She rubbed her eyes to see if she was dreaming.

Annie’s clothing looked similar to Santa and she looked at her grandpa.

“Santa Claus! Is that you grandpa?” Annie exclaimed.

She saw Santa standing right in front of her eyes.

“Santa is your family, Annie. And you all will get to be Santa one day and spread love and joy on Christmas” Grandpa answered back with a sparkly smile.

“Isn’t this wonderful?” Annie looked at her Santa dress and smiled.

“Everyone look at the camera,” Mom said as she clicked a beautiful photo of the whole family smiling.

“This is the best Christmas ever” Annie and her cousins screamed with joy.

“Thank you for always being my Santa” Annie jumped into her grandpa’s arms and hugged him tightly.

“Merry Christmas all” She whispered to the little stars with a heart filled with great joy.

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