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Are You a Slash Person?

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

“Tik tok.. Tik tok…!!!!”, the clock kept ticking.

He woke up early in the morning. It was refreshing to hear the chirping of the birds.

He put down his feet and stretched his arms. He felt special but he was humble.

“What a great Friday!!! Very good morning to me ”, he thought with a heart full of happiness.

“I love helping sick people”, he danced towards his closet and got ready for his hospital rounds.

He grabbed his coffee and got into his amazing car.

“Broom… Broom….”, he drove away.

He roamed around the hospital with his serious face on. Checked each and every patient with patience and kindness. After all, he saves the day.

He could still remember the first day he became a doctor. Many people had different theories.

“Oh!!! Now you have to stay put in the hospital the whole day”, they said.

“Oh !!! Now you can’t pursue your other interests”, they all said.

“Oh!!! It’s really difficult to become a doctor”, some said.

“Oh dear!!! You’re not meant to become a doctor”, some said.

“Oh!!! Your hobbies don’t match your day job”, many argued.

But he was very determined to start what he wanted and the most precious thing was, he was brave. Well he was really brave to stand up for himself and decide what he wants to do with his life. It was his choice to become what he needed to be.

He didn’t let himself back down just because other people thought stuff about himself.

Yes, he worked hard to become a doctor but it’s what he liked being during the day. And he reached his goal and never looked back.

“Anybody can become whoever they want to be” was what he believed in and he served his motto every day.

He had black gorgeous hair and he walked smartly to his emergency room.

“Who do we have here?”, he asked.

“We have a patient with a wound”, replied the nurse.

Suddenly his face changed. After all, it's an extremely serious situation.

“But he knew that face. It was a girl from yesterday’s dance off.

“Band-aid”, he said and the wonderful magic to cure the pain in the patient’s body is done.

He pasted it between the eyes and the patient was looking right at him as if he’s a real life hero.

Her big round happy eyes were singing the song of greatness and she was finding ways to convey her gratitude for the hero who saved her precious life.

“Hey!!! You’re the DJ from last night”, she said with an excited tone. “You look so serious now. I never thought I’d see you in the emergency room”, she added and she was surprised.

“How do you do it”, she asked while jumping up and down.

“You’ll see”, he replied with a cool laugh.

Tik tok.. Tik tok….The clock hit 6 o’clock.

He looked at it and got ready with a cool pair of shades and a colorful shirt.

It’s totally the opposite of his day job. “It’s time for a chilling change”, he said. He had a graceful smile on his face. He grabbed his car keys and took off to the gig.

After 6 in the evening, he heads off to the music floor. Well after all he is THE DJ.

He had gigs everyday. He really enjoyed being a doctor during the day time and being a dj after 6 in the evening.

“Ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy the wonderful night”, he screamed into the microphone.

The loud playful cheering of the crowd uplifted his spirit and he absolutely loved it.

He had a lot of fans. He loved spending time with them whenever he’s available.

“You’re awesome”, screamed the crowd.

He increased the volume and his heart began to race as he was listening to the bass boom. His cool smile was brighter than ever and he moved his head rhythmically to the beat.

“He’s the best DJ ever!!!”, screamed the crowd.

“I will always follow my passion”, he made a promise to himself.

“Look where I got…!!”, he thought and proudly looked at the dancing crowd.

They all looked really thrilled and happy.

He was so glad that he followed his heart on what he wanted to do. At the end of the day the great happiness he felt was all because he followed his heart and did what he wanted to do.

“And you did the right thing”, said his heart. He smiled and waved at his dancing crowd.

“A big shout out to all my beautiful girls and boys. Enjoy the time of your life folks”, he whispered to the microphone.

“Let’s dance until the last minute till tonight”, he screamed and ended his awesome performance for the night.

As the sun joyfully goes up for a brand-new day, he yearned to help another bunch of sick people who are in need of help at the hospital tomorrow morning.

We have reached to the end of the story and hope you enjoy the short animation clip we have created for you all.

Stay fearless and dream free to create the life you want, always!

Embrace your inner selves and be who you want to be!!!

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