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Contest Launch with DIY: A Little Harry Potter Version of You!

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

“WingardiumLeviosa” or “ExpectoPatronum” – who has not whirled their little imaginary wands enacting these spells? Harry Potter is one fictional character loved by kids of all generations, and why not – who does not like magic!

At Little You, we were thrilled by the idea of having all the characters of the Harry Potter Universe getting created in your own little version.

Contest Launch with DIY: A Little Harry Potter Version of You!

We ran an exciting contest on the 9th of August 2021, in partnership with DIY ( - a learning platform for kids to explore their skills, learn from one another, and create and share with a pool of inspiration.

This contest was designed to bring your favorite fictional characters from the Harry Potter Universe to life, and the response was overwhelming. We saw more than 100 kids joining in for this contest. They all created different little characters from the Harry Potter Universe and we got to see a collection of beautiful mini versions of Harry Potter, Hermione & Ron, Professor Dumbledore & Hagrid, and many more.

3D anime character created on little you 3d
3d model for kids - little you

The contest was successfully concluded in association with DIY, and with great difficulty to choose from, we finally have one lucky winner for the contest selected by the Little You Team.

cute boy 3d anime model for kids

Contest Overview:

  • Contest by - Little You (

  • Association Partner - DIY (

  • Number of Participants - 100+

  • Winner Selection - One 'Luck Winner' selected by the Little You Team

  • Winning Prize - A Free 3-D printed version of the character created by the Winner

little you challenge with

This contest was proven to be a win-win for all of us at Little You, Team DIY, and all our participants. And this success has lead us to design more such exciting contests and we are open to different creative platforms like us.

Do you have an idea you wish to execute? Let's collaborate!

Get in touch with us to execute many more of such creative spaces for the kids.

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