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Little You Bring 3D Printed Toys to St. Mildred Lightbourn School

Little You has always been determined to bring out the best in children. We aim to cultivate creativity and ensure that kids bring out their talents in front of the world. Our team has always wanted to give children the right to bring their abilities forward and craft their future.

Children have what it takes to show their artistic nature and use it to benefit the real world. This is what Little You offers them. A chance to enhance their skills and bring their art forward.

And this is precisely why Little You teamed up with various partners to create projects and collaborations so that the artist in these children would show themselves and build unique 3D figure creations which the public can purchase.

These collaborations enabled the children to showcase their talent by providing others with unique and inspiring figurines they created. Like all the other projects Little You worked on, one of our most fun and motivating ones was, without a doubt, the collaboration with St. Mildred's Lightbourn School.

Our collaboration with them revolved around women's empowerment. We ensured that our goal would be to inspire girls and inspire them. This competition included students from each art class, and they had to figure out a design to create, and the winner would get a prize of a 3D printed toy for free.

The competition ran for two classes, and everyone discovered many unique and innovative designs. However, the top two winners in this contest were:

Lacy by Sarah:


Met Gala Kylie Jenner by Rayna!

Contest Overview:

Host by - Little You (

Association Partner - St. Mildred Lightbourn School (

Number of Participants – (50+)

Winner Selection - Two 'Luck Winners' selected by the Little You Team

Winning Prize - A Free 3-D printed version of the character created by the winner

There is no doubt that this competition ended up being extremely successful. The campaign proved to view the creative side of children, and Miss Robyn Gram gave this final announcement:

We genuinely hope this competition made you as excited as we were. Little You always wants the best for your children, and we strive to ensure they showcase their creativity through technological and innovative means.

Bringing this competition forward brought a lot of confidence to those girls who might have been hiding their true potential. However, once we added the prize, all of them decided to come out of their shells and show us what they're made of!

If you want to compete with other kids and gain recognition for your creativity, tell us what our next contest should be about! We would be happy to participate with whatever new ideas you bring to the table. If you want to make Little You a part of your classroom and enhance your student's abilities, do not hesitate to contact our impeccable and gifted art teachers at

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