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Let’s DIY Everything! Introducing The Bundle Game

Everybody loves a fun game for game night, but imagine bringing a cool, custom game for everyone. The Bundle customizable game is the perfect opportunity to bring a thoughtful gift and create fun for everyone. For your next party or upcoming event, think about creating your own customized board game and include custom game markers for everyone.

All About The Bundle Game

The Bundle Game was created by two sisters, Jacklyn and Cassie who were looking to give their parents a creative gift for Christmas. After much enjoyment with the fun board game, this unique family gift has now inspired a worldwide board game that celebrates fun memories, stories, and inside jokes!

To play this fun game, players make their way around the board and answer cards in four categories. The first person to land on “The Final Bundle” space and answer the card wins the game. The part of the game that gets everyone laughing, whether it is a wedding party, a bachelorette or a family game night are the category cards. Each card has a question that players have to answer, based on questions answered while buying the game. This is the customization part, which helps make the game more personal.

Here are more instructions on how to play the game. It’s very straightforward and everyone will have a blast!


Since each game is customizable, when you go to purchase the game, each buyer is asked a series of questions like, “What are some inside jokes you have, or things you tease each other about? And “Have there been one or two trips you have taken together? If so, where have you gone?”

Using the answers to these questions, the team at The Bundle Game craft customized question cards for your game. Some examples sound like, “Name 4 ways your family likes to tease each other,” and in a more specific example, “In as much detail as possible, tell the story of how Lauren and Bryan met.”

As you can see, the questions will be based on who the game is intended for and will make it fun for everyone involved. The most important part of the purchasing process is answering the Bundle Blueprint questions, so make sure you pay close attention when answering the questions. After purchasing your game, imagine all the laughter at your bachelorette party or at the next couples game night!

This tailored gaming experience can be elevated further with customized gaming tokens for each player, making this creative gift even more personal. For your next wedding or family gathering, consider The Bundle Game and Little You as gift options for this fun activity. The Little You figurine is the perfect addition to your event and the perfect keepsake for guests to take home as a keepsake. Don’t miss out on this perfect event and gift opportunity!

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