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Little You Connect with Pocket Gamers

The Pocket Gamer Connects Toronto Event took place this summer from 19th to 20th July to draw gamers, developers, and business leaders worldwide. This fascinating event brought together the top brains in the gaming sector for two days of networking, education, and enjoyment.

The prestigious conference in the heart of Toronto provided a rare chance to explore the most recent trends, developments, and difficulties in the rapidly changing mobile gaming industry. The event featured various viewpoints, from independent devs to AAA studios, making it a perfect setting for establishing solid relationships and productive partnerships.

Little You was a part of the indie exhibitors present at the event, and we obtained priceless knowledge and insights essential for success in this competitive gaming industry from knowledgeable keynote speakers, perceptive panels, and practical workshops.

The Pocket Gamer Connects Toronto Event offers a once-in-a-lifetime event packed with inspiration and new chances, regardless of whether you're an aspiring game creator, an experienced professional, or simply an avid gamer.

Let's talk further about the experience Little You had.

Learning Topic

The conference brought together up-and-coming independent creators, experienced CEOs, and investors, providing attendees with a broad spectrum of the games industry.

The seminar covered numerous subjects, such as the most recent Android and iOS trends, ground-breaking AI discoveries, PC and console games, web3 breakthroughs, and a discussion of the best strategies for motivating workplace cultures.

Pocket Gamer Connects Toronto ensured there was something for everyone looking for ideas and expertise in the rapidly evolving games industry, with tracks covering numerous topics, including AI creativity, in-game ad monetization, emerging technologies, indie development, collaborations with brands, blockchain gaming, and more.

For quick encounters with possible business partners, the event also featured Publisher SpeedMatch and Investor Connector sessions in the spirit of speed dating. The industry-wide recognition and promotion of independent developers is done through events like The Very Big Indie Pitch and The Big Indie Zone.

Networking Opportunities

The event had various international visitors, full of their trademark short, sharp talks and panels. Little You got to connect with speakers who did not waste any time and presented the most high-quality information we needed to understand how to advance our company to the next level in 2023.

This event is called Connects because that is precisely the goal, to help connect with the gaming industry, including students, indie studios, media, international investors, and publishers. The event offered a scheduling platform, MeetToMatch, free and limitless to every exhibitor, including Little You. This helped us find the perfect match and arrange to meet them.

No other event in the gaming industry has helped us keep in touch with the whole gaming ecosystem, like the Connect conferences.

Exposure to the Toronto Gaming Industry

61% of Canadians regularly play video games, demonstrating the substantial cultural influence of gaming in the entire country. In comparison, 75% of video game businesses in Canada are owned by Canadians, exhibiting their entrepreneurial energy and creative brilliance. This event is a significant occasion that highlighted the gaming industry in Toronto and brought together gamers, programmers, and business executives in the dynamic city. It highlighted the robust gaming sector in Toronto through its exciting conferences and networking possibilities. This occasion promoted creativity, teamwork, and expansion, offering Toronto's gaming sector unrivalled visibility.

Little You received unheard-of exposure and acclaim as an exhibitor at PC Connects Toronto. We took our brand to new heights by networking with potential partners and consumers, interacting with industry experts, and demonstrating their cutting-edge products. What an amazing experience!

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