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Why is Art Important?

Being one myself, as an artists, I know that they happen to be demotivated due to the lack of opportunities and appreciation they get from their work.

Although the art world develops quickly, with new trends, movements, and artworks emerging daily, many artists who deserve recognition may be forced to remain in the shadows because of the rapid rate of change.

These artists are skillful, and they have what it takes to be known for their unique art pieces. But they always fall behind even when they have an extraordinary portfolio.

This post will discuss how underestimated, and undervalued artists have a hard time being recognized and how Little You's new collaboration will be their saving grace.

Why Does Art Go Unappreciated?

Humanity has always discovered new methods to express itself. There is something for everyone, from writing to music, painting, sculpture, storytelling, and more. We all in some way have an innate drive to say something.

We express ourselves in various ways. It is easy to lose sight of it in an era of rapid technological growth. We humans do not define ourselves just through art. The arts are grossly under-appreciated. I'm referring to the arts in general: music, dancing, theatre, literature, painting, etc.

Art has been shown to offer several mental and emotional health advantages. For starters, art relieves tension. According to the National Institute of Health in the United States, significant research has discovered that participation in creative activities has the potential to contribute to stress and depression reduction and can serve as a vehicle for decreasing the burden of chronic illness.

Furthermore, art is a learning instrument for our past, not merely admiration or mental health. Looking through our history textbooks, we see paintings from hundreds of thousands of years ago depicting and recording significant events throughout history.

People learn more by looking at images, but there are few photographs from the ancient eras. Therefore we must rely on artists and producers to preserve history. That should be cherished daily since we would not have some of the most incredible work that has inspired so many people without it.

Little You provides a way to establish your footing in emerging artists and collaborates with well-known partners to make the impossible possible.

Why is Art Important?

In all of its forms, art is one of the essential things we require in our lives. Art motivates us to showcase our skills for what they are, and it pushes the boundaries to make us superior to others.


For artists, sometimes, the only way to communicate a feeling or notion is to immerse themselves in the process of creating something. Others gain mental clarity on a particular circumstance only after engaging in anything artistic. Art may also help you uncover and comprehend aspects of yourself that you were previously unaware of. Finally, incorporating art into your daily life can help you improve at something that isn't even really creative.


The arts have a cunning way of teaching us what we should value and care about. It teaches us how to live and, in the end, forms reality. Art has an unmistakable influence on everything from language to clothing. The skills, in some ways, shape our identities as people and as a nation.


Where language and customs might create barriers, the arts can provide bridges. Whether assembled or experienced, a piece of music may provide us with shared experiences that connect us. We don't have to speak the same languages or share a past. Perhaps what the world requires is more art.

Historical Context

Art and human history are inextricably linked. This is why individuals devote their lives to researching cave art, Shakespearean plays, and various topics.

We may learn about prior generations and eras by delving into art made in the past. We may study art to know what people who came before us faced and how they overcame it. Similarly, future generations will learn about current events through the art that we leave behind.

We get information and inspiration by looking at what has been done before, influencing how we talk and feel.

What is Little You?

Little You is a unique game that attempts to inspire youngsters to be creative by allowing them to use their imaginations to create unique custom-made anime figures that can be produced in 3D and delivered to your door.

The program offers a completely personalized experience, with the construction and design of their avatar, from modeling and coloring to physically accessorizing the characters, as a unique choice for youngsters to kindle their urge to discover and create something unique.

The game is tied to a reward system, which relies entirely on various points obtained in multiple ways. In addition, the incentive system allows youngsters to have their 3D creations printed for free.

Little You and the Partnership Program

Little You has achieved the impossible by launching a partnership program to help artists gain more exposure for their unique work. Not only artists but many schools and organizations will benefit from the marketing, distribution, and state-of-the-art products offered.

This partnership ensures that artists and organizations can take their business to the next level. Little You's ability to take advantage of revenue sharing, brand exposure, and creative support can easily be attained by reaching a global audience and getting beneficial results.

This partnership will enable you to design your artwork, and whatever marketing will ensue will be taken care of by Little You. They will take on the responsibility to get your brand recognized by the audience you prefer.

Little You is not the only one launching such a great partnership. Bitmoji and Genesis also partner with artists to engage their creations and their partner's work.


If you are an artist who has been shying away from the opportunity to present yourself through your artwork to the public, you can join hands with Little You and get the recognition that has been long deserved.

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