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The Changing 3D Printing Industry: 3D Print Fashion Figurines with Little You

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

The fashion industry has been cutting edge in integrating 3D technology into fashion creations, ranging from accessories to clothing and handbags. New 3D fashion creations are debuting on the high-end fashion runways while more affordable brands continue to feature the looks. Well-known designers such as Zac Posen and Iris Van Herpen have developed 3D technology into fashion creations, ranging from accessories to clothing and handbags.

3D printing in the fashion industry seems the logical next step for designers, as it simplifies sourcing, reduces time-to-market, and quick prototyping makes for easy decision making. There are many benefits of 3D printing. It allows design boundaries to expand, as conventional fashion design may sometimes present roadblocks, but 3D fashion printing can overcome many obstacles.

Another advantage of 3D printing that fashion designers are taking advantage of is the opportunity to personalize clothing with 3D printing technology. Designers can create clothing to fit each body part's shape and size, allowing perfect customization. Fashion designers can also translate this technology into the shoe industry, with which many designers have started experimenting.

Several brands have already integrated 3D printing in their products, including Nike, who recently created the first 3D printed upper, and already uses 3D printing in smaller components. In addition, both Adidas and New Balance use 3D printed midsoles in their shoes, and Victoria’s Secret has used 3D technology in lingerie runway shows. Even NASA has been experimenting with 3D-printed chainmail in an effort to protect astronauts.

A unique fashion designer is Danit Peleg, who created the world’s first 3D printed fashion collection for purchase in 2015, which she made all from her own home. She’s currently listed as one of the World’s Top 50 Women in Tech and provides workshops on the 3D printing fashion industry online.

3D printing offers diverse opportunities throughout industries, and the Little You platform provides a unique opportunity for fashion designers to bring their creativity to a new endeavor. Little You is a Canada-based company that recreates characters for young children by providing a platform for youth to create their one-of-a-kind design of anime figures using 3D printing technology.

Recently, Little You announced that they will partner up with fashion designers to design 3D models for the Little You Character, with this opportunity artists will be able to design their own character and benefit from Little You’s in-house marketing. Some of the benefits include artist brand exposure, revenue sharing, and creative support. Little You will interview fashion designers, write a blog post, press release, and share the exciting news on social media for those who take part in this fantastic opportunity.

They claimed this partnership is a limited offer, so apply early. To learn more about their press, click here. This innovative partnership is new in the industry as they are the only 3D printing company that offers partnerships with fashion designers to convert their designs into 3D character models. To apply for the opportunity, click here.

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