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How to Edit and View Your Account Information?

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Little You provides an entirely enticing and personalized modelling experience to children and adults of all ages.

The program is available on both desktop and mobile users. It has a substantial educational pertinence, particularly for teachers who want to notch up their lessons with visual aids.

The main objective is to present children with an opportunity to explore their creative skills in modelling and rendering images. Subsequently, they can share their models and experiences with their friends or loved ones.

How to set up an account?

To start the modelling process, it's worth creating an account with your details. You can achieve this by selecting the login option at the top left end of the homepage. For visitors, it's okay to hit the registration button just below the login button.

We also implement the google sign-in option for users who wish to pass the tedious registration process. However, one is required to have a google account to login with this option. Other sign-in options include Facebook or Instagram login. On top of that, new users can earn points right away after the account is set up.

The user dashboard

The "Little You" dashboard area is built having user experience in mind. It's super easy to navigate and keep track of all your account activities.

When you first log in, your admin panel will display various options. These features include;

Dashboard: From here, you can view your account information and your recent orders. Other notable features in the dashboard include "reward detail, referral link, and Edit feature.

Referral: This section allows you to copy link and share with your friends. You'll earn 20 points for each friend who registered an account using your link or social sharing.

My Creation: From here, you can view all the models you've created. Some key features in this area are the pencil icon and the "X" icon. The pencil icon in this section allows you to edit the name of your model and its description. While the "X" icon allows you to remove the item from your creations. The little eye icon is a feature that allows one to display his or her creation at the gallery.

My Orders: In this section, you can view your past orders and the shipping status.

My Points: This section provides an overview of your total rewards and points. As mentioned earlier, you can earn points by receiving a purchase, getting a like, or sharing your work at the gallery.

My Wishlist: From here you can view items you plan to purchase in the future. It's possible to unlist an item from the wishlist by clicking on the remove item.

My Profile: This last section provides an overview of your account information. This includes your names, date of birth, gender, and postal address.

Knowing how to navigate the menus as pointed in this article, you are sure to cruise the website with no problems. Afterward, you can begin modelling with the basics at your fingertips. To read more about how to build a Little You model, please refer "A Step-by-Step Guide on how to Navigate Little You".

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