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A Step-by-Step Guide on how to Navigate Little You

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Once you've learned the basic details around the site, the second thing you want to know is how to play Little You.

"Little You" presents users with various pieces of details that can be fit together to create something that looks amazing and printable. The program gives tons of modelling features such as expressions, costumes, headwear, bags, glasses, and accessories. All these factors make "Little You" one of a kind.

If you are would like to purchase a model, navigate the gallery section at the homepage area. You'll get redirected to a different page containing ready-made models. Select play in the top left corner to gain access to the modelling features. You'll notice a full menu with options such as mouth, eyebrows, glass, costumes, and tops. Go ahead and select any feature you want to start with.

How to create a model?

Mouth: If you want your model to display a depressed outlook or saddened face, you can select a sad mouth icon. Conversely, you can animate your model with joy by choosing a laughing or smiling mouth. It's totally okay to test all the mouth expressions to find the perfect choice.

Eyes: The eyes can portray a wide array of expressions. A surprised face is definitely suitable with bulged eyes or a wide-open mouth. Try to notice a bunch of eye expressions that work perfectly for your model. A model expressing affection can look perfect with happy eyes. You can render much more incredible creations by combining contradicting expressions.

Objects: objects include pencils, cameras, spoons, trumpets, dolphins, etcetera. For a musical character, you might want to throw in a guitar or a trumpet. You can try adding a pencil icon or a necktie for a character that inspires writing or education. Other great accessories include a handbag, briefcase, school bag, doctor's kit, and pouch. Additional options include costumes, top attires, and bottom attires.

Above: image showing list of selection for your modelling

Above: image showing navigation icons. Use them to scroll up or down the"category" menu.

Above: It's possible to "deselect" a feature by clicking the icon.

Note that, some categories will have additional subcategories from which you can choose more details.

How to change the colour of an item?

It is possible to change the colour of each item. Simply click your colour choice on the spectrum and select "choose." Notice how the colour has been listed on the circled options above the spectrum. Click on the newly added color, then click back on the costume you wish to alter.

On top of that, you can undo your color selection by clicking the icon.

How to purchase a model after creating one?

To purchase a model after creation, follow these steps;

1. Click the "make me" button on the right of your created model. ( If you haven't created an item, you can read how to create a model as discussed previous)

2. Under the model information, write the name you wish to give your model. You can make a slight description of it. Then click next.

3. Click the add to cart button. Note that you can add your item's quantity, change its material, or increase its size. You can also click "Share in Gallery" button to share your creation to the Gallery page.

4. Navigate to the top left corner and click the cart icon.

5. Click checkout to fill in the shipping and payment details.

6. Then finally, select "Place Order" to complete your checkout. You will receive an email shortly regarding your receipt and tracking number to track your order.

How to purchase a model from the gallery?

To purchase a creation listed at the gallery section, proceed with the following guides:

1. Find the item you want to purchase on the gallery section

2. Click on the item to view it's information. Additionally, you can like an item, share,save or view it in 360°. Check on the images below for guidance.

Like this creation

Save this creation to the wishlist

Share this creation on social media

View the likes and views of this creation

View 360 rotation of the model

Before purchase you can take any of the following steps:

Adjust the size of the creation

● Change the material of your creation

● Increase the quantity of an item

3. Click "add to cart"

4. Click the cart Icon on the top left corner and proceed to checkout

5. Fill in your shipping and payment details. You can also review your order and confirm the information

Click on "place order" and boom.

Congratulations! There you have it. You've created a 3D model and soon enough you'll receive it's printed version.

Finally, Users can earn points upon receiving likes and purchase of your creation. You can use these points to redeem coupons that can be used on your purchase. For more details on how the points system works, check out "Loyalty Rewards and Points Guide on Little You".

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