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Loyalty Rewards and Points Guide on Little You

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Introduction to Point System:

Here, we have the points system which are gained through some interaction and also everyone loves these point systems. Basically, the site is all about the kids customizing toys and sharing them afterwards in the gallery. So, when people come to notice those creations, they will like it. If they are interested in it, they will purchase it and if recommending to someone, they will share it. All of these things will grant you points based differently. These points have other features and benefits which we will go through in this article.


Frankly, the kids are encouraged to share their own creation and then people can look it up, while getting certain rewards like Points. Either liking it, looking it up, sharing it or even purchasing it will earn you extra points, which can afterwards come in handy. You can redeem these points into your own account and look it up your own self. They hold certain amount like 1000 points will give you 10 dollars and vice versa. So, you can also earn from these points while encouraging people to share their artwork.

How to Earn Points?

When someone likes the creation, they will be rewarded with a single point, it is not limited to certain people, whoever likes the creation you will earn that point.

When someone shares their own creation to the gallery, they will be rewarded with a total of five points. After someone purchases that creation, total of fifty points will be rewarded to that person. It is not limited to other people; you can purchase your own creation and also earn fifty points.

You can also share the creation with other people and when the friends or family members create an account on the website, you and your friend will earn twenty points. When the friends share it further, they will also earn twenty, so all the people creating account will earn the reward.

How to View Points?

To earn points, you need to have an account in the website, which can also be used to watch your activities like creations, orders, points. You have your own profile, which can be edited and you can wish a certain item, which passes through your interest.

To view points, the same account comes into consideration. You simply have to go into your account, then into My Points. Separate title, points, rewards, orders and Date of that action is mentioned in the section.

How to Redeem Points:

Redeeming the points isn’t that hard. You simply need to have 1000 points to be able to redeem 10 dollars. If you have less than the amount, you won’t be able to redeem. During the checkout, you will have a redeem option which can give you 10 dollars in exchange for 1000 points.

The Redeem option only comes with an interval of 1000 points, like if you have 2000 points, you will get 20 dollars and vice versa. So, an option will be available on checkout through which you can exchange the 1000 points for 10 dollars.

Final Words:

Hope you will enjoy our application and if you have any questions related to anything about the process, you can always contact us. We will be happy to help you out at anytime!

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