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Little You partner with Objex Unlimited to offer MINI toys

We have big news today!

We are now proud partners with a local Canadian company, Objex Unlimited based in Toronto. With this partnership, we are planning to develop a new Mimaki material to add to the beauty of our products and launch a new product line altogether. Read more about this press, click here.

Freedom to unleash the wild ropes of creativity on a digital platform and see it shape up into a unique 3D miniature in real life is a concept which Little You has proudly made a reality for Children all over the globe.

We’ve developed technologies, partnerships, and materials to bring forth a user-friendly design platform that lets children create real-life anime figures through 3D printing. We are happy to see the beautiful and warm response we have been getting from our customers. Well, your attention to our 3D products has not only given us a lot of happiness but also thousands of new ideas to create a better range of new designs and products and we did it! We’ve so many new launches, partnerships, and updates to give. We are honored to announce that we have introduced 800 new designs on our websites for you to pick and choose from.

Also, as per your popular demand, we have also introduced an exclusive range of MINI TOYS made from Mimaki Printer. This range of mini toys supports very high-quality prints, durability, and customization. They are also available in different sizes ranging from 2cms, 3cms, and 4cms. And to top it all off, these toys come at very affordable pricing. To read more about this material, check our recent blog About Our Material, Full Color Acrylic Resin

At Little You, we believe in the fact that your child’s creativity has no limits attached to it. It’s wild and free. We want it to be like that. We want children all over the globe to get creative freedom.We are also super excited to announce that we are planning to bring in many fun contests and competitions coming up soon on our website. We’d also love to partner with schools and art communities to organize some interesting art and creativity events. Do you have an idea you wish to execute? Let's collaborate! Get in touch with us to execute many more of such creative spaces for the kids.

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