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About Our Material, Full Color Acrylic Resin

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

What is Full Color Acrylic Resin?

Full Color Acrylic Resin is also known as Mimaki high-resolution full-color 3D printing, it use UV curable inkjet technology to produce photo-realistic objects. It doesn’t only bring quality, vibrant colors to our products but also safety and security for your children.

Full Color Acrylic Resin Material - 3D model printing
Full Color Acrylic Resin Material - 3D model printing

Material Features Include:

• Vivid full color

• Photorealistic color accuracy

• Fine details

The Mimaki 3DUJ-553 is the first photorealistic full-color 3D printer in the world, capable of creating over 10 million different colors. It's ideal for situations that require extreme color accuracy and precise detail. From prototype to medical modeling, this machine produces high-quality full-color models.

Previously, this technology was utilized to prototype high-quality models in the industrial and medical industries. When it comes to recreating color fidelity and detailing, this is crucial. Mimaki 3D printing technology is also the world's first photorealistic printing technology, capable of handling over 10 million different color tones.

What is the 3D printing process?

The UV curing inkjet process is used for our High-Resolution Full Color material, and the UV ink (CMYK, White) is cured layer by layer on the Mimaki printer. This technique and material combination allows for the creation of things with over 10 million different hues. Professionals' stringent requirements for full color and fine modeling of high details, such as figures, 3D maps, medical models, and architecture mock-ups, can be met with final parts. After printing, post-processing such as overcoating and screw attachment could be applied to an object.

What is UV Printing? 

UV printing is the use of UV-curable inks to achieve fast curing and adherence.

What is the relationship between UV radiation and UV-curable inks in the UV printing process?

UV radiation cures and adheres UV-curable ink to the media or substrate. When the print comes off the printer, it's already dried/cured, allowing for a quick turnaround.

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