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Bring Virtual Learning to Your Classroom with Little You

The entire world is facing the risks of the covid-19 pandemic. It has spread in different corners of the world, crossing borders and affecting people irrespective of their origin, nationality, age, gender, level of income, and education. And then lockdown was imposed across many countries as a response to covid-19, just as a precautionary measure to control the spread of covid-19 disease. This includes a complete shutdown of schools as well. Though online education continues, this has put the young upcoming generation compromise on their education.

Talking about the education of the young toddlers, whose minds can easily be molded with thoughts and creativities has now become restricted to just the screen itself. With the online classes, the days of learning and playing seem to be gone. This has been replaced with virtual activities. This lockdown has a great impact on the creativity of these young and open minds. It has hindered creativity and imagination through which they used to get themselves engrossed in in-class activities. Before lockdown, the creative thinking of the students was used to carve out their capability and teaching was made fun.

However, teaching is not the same anymore. Lockdown has interrupted the mode of conventional schooling. You can still reignite the imagination skill of your students with Little You. Here at Little You, we have planned a series of activities that you can use for your students as part of the virtual classes that help them enhance their creativity. Other activities involve the technology of 3D printing which will allow your students to design and create 3D characters with customizable features. These activities will help the students tickle their minds and bring out their best in the form of their own created 3D characters.

Here is How You Can Benefit from our Application?

Little You, is a special application that makes use of 3D technology to bring out the creativity of your students through 3D printing. We believe that children are the best designers born with hidden talent, great imagination, and creativity that has no boundaries. If they are given the opportunity and the right tools they can give the best example of talent, but Covid has changed a lot for everyone, for both students or teachers. To curb this change brought out Covid, we have developed an application that will help you reignite the artist hidden inside your students.

With the Little You application, you can assign activities to your students that will instigate their creative capabilities. As a teacher, you must be aware that creativity needs to be cultivated and nurtured, and this has been restricted due to Covid with the lack of communication between you and your students. Therefore Little You came up with the 3D printing technology. This will help your student create 3D characters with different features. You can ask your students to create characters resembling their parents, friends, teachers, by clicking on the 'play' button and then creating the characters as per the similarity they find.

How to Encourage Your Students To Get Involved?

As a teacher, it becomes your responsibility to encourage your students to actively participate and get them involved in the activities. You can encourage your students by adding questions that will keep them engrossed in the activities. A few suggestions are given below, that will ease your task.

What is the hair type of your friend? (Or the character they are creating)

How would you like to dress your friend?

What does your friend look like?

Who is your role model?

● Design a character just like your mom.

● Design a character just like your dad.

● Dress up yourself.

● Design a superhero!

Download our well designed lesson plan and bring Little You to your classroom.

Lesson Plan Little You
Download DOCX • 387KB

Steps to Follow

You can follow the steps given below as a guide, making your task way much more accessible in using the Little You application. The first thing you have to do is open the Little You application and then follow the steps.

Step 1: Open the application and click on the play button.

Step 2: This will guide you to a page where you can see all the features for the 3D characters.

Step 3: Click on each of the features to create your character; when finally done, click on the 'Make Me' button

Step 4: This will create a custom 3D character that you can save and make as your own.



Little you will not just allow your students to create 3D characters but also will enable them to share them with their friends, family, classmates, and on social media platforms. This will help in enhancing social development qualities in them and make them more confident. Download Little You today and make your teaching more interactive and fun learning!

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