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About Our Material, Full Color Glass Fiber Composite

What material do we use?

Rizium™ GF (Glass Fiber Filled) Composite from RIZE, Inc.

What is Glass Fiber Filled Material?

Rizium™ GF 3D printing material is a lightweight industrial thermoplastic capable of producing very strong and durable parts.

This material is printed using a process known as fused filament fabrication (or FFF) on RIZE 3D printers. During the 3D printing process, filament is heated to a semi-molten state and extruded layer by layer to essentially grow your customized LittleYou!

RIZE, Inc. adds another level to this 3D printing process with their proprietary Augmented Polymer Deposition (or APD) technology which embeds color inks directly into the part. This combination of extra strong materials with vivid colors sets RIZE technology apart from others and now you can experience it for yourself!

What are the benefits of Full Color Composite Materials?

While other color 3D printing technologies can produce color parts that look nice but belong on a shelf, full color composite parts printed with RIZIUM™ GF are built to be played with! Your child can take them along to play in the house, at school, at the park, in the rain, in the pool, or anywhere else life takes them. If the parts get dirty, they are moisture resistant to give them a bath and they’ll be as good as new.

How well will the colors of the product match the colors of the file?

RIZE has done a very good job optimizing the APD process to provide a wide range of color capabilities. While colors might not be an exact match to the on-screen design, we’re confident that you’ll be happy with the results! Plus, our colors don’t fade so you’ll be able to enjoy your customized LittleYou for years to come.

How your LittleYou is Made with xRIZE:

1. Create your own customized LittleYou on the website

2. The design is sent to an xRIZE 3D Printer

3. Your very own LittleYou is 3D printed layer by layer with composite materials in full color

4. Complex geometries and overhangs are supported with material that is separated by a layer of release ink

5. The release ink allows support material is peeled away from the part without the need for harsh chemicals or tools that could damage your creation

6. Once we remove the support, we ship the part to your door

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