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Little You Partners with RIZE to Level Up the Personalized Toy Game

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Little You 3D Partners with RIZE 3D - Toys

There are multiple reasons to love collecting anime figures and toys. This art attracts some as it lets them keep their favourite characters around themselves. For others, it might be the urge to create a compelling collection and be a connoisseur of the customized anime art. But for kids, it’s the curiosity and the eagerness to bring their imagination to life that piques their interest in getting their hands on anime toys. With Little You, you can help your kids bring their artistic instincts forward by letting them personalizing, printing and playing with the characters they dream about.

If you have ever owned a customized anime toy, you know how fragile it can be. And with kids running around the house, parents often find themselves worrying about getting hurt with these toys. We know that kids are mischievous beings and it is almost impossible to keep them in your sight all the time. Fret not! Little You has partnered with RIZE to help your kids create strong, vibrant and fully functional anime toys.

How Is This Beneficial for Kids?

Everyone knows kids are peculiar. They look at things from a different perspective than adults and most of the time love playing pretend games with stuff they have in their reach. Be it using their towels for making a superhero cape or cooking in those tiny, cute kitchen sets, they spin their own web of imagination and use everything in the vicinity to bring it alive. However, with our phones getting smarter and our laptops getting tinier, parents complain about their kids limiting themselves to not putting their imagination at play. And can we blame them? Absolutely not, audio-visuals are intriguing. Kids’ shows are getting murkier day by day grabbing their attention more than required. Experts are often asked questions about keeping kids away from technology. But what if you can use the tech advancements to engage your kids and empower their artistic capabilities by giving wings to their fascination?

Yes, you read that right. Technology is so much more than social media, OTTs and YouTube videos. Software platforms like Little You are the perfect tech escape you and your kid needs without keeping your gadgets away. It helps kids in reigniting their fantasies by letting them work on a user-friendly design to create real-life anime figures.

But anime figures are brittle and can break easily- ask a few parents. Here is the good news. Rize.Inc has collaborated with Little You to create indestructible yet vibrant 3D anime toys to keep your little one’s artistic manifestations safe against any breakage. While Little You offers a personalized toy design platform to foster your child’s creativity and imagination, this partnership with Rize allows them to get their hands on sturdy creations with the latter’s industrial 3D printing technology and material.

Anime Figures are not a new concept. There are hundreds of them available both offline and online. What makes Little You stand out is that this partnership with RIZE gives them an edge over the others with the quality of anime toy material. Customizing 3D anime figures with preferred costumes, colours and in different sizes was already an exciting affair for kids, but with RIZE’s technology, kids can now make figures that are not just 3D colour sandstone. They can use Little You’s platform to create 3D printing with RIZIUM™ composites. These are environment-friendly, sustainable and recyclable materials that are not only super durable but also pretty colourful. Most anime figure collectors will tell you how they put these figurines in the showcases, but with Little You’s agreement with RIZE, your kids can take their loved characters from the display window right into their hands. They can put them in their carry bags, share them with their friends and pretend to play with them at home.

This partnership between Little You and Rize is a step towards making the optimal use of technology to develop the cognitive skills of kids today. The idea is to let them utilize their screentime in nurturing their thoughts and bringing them to life to play with them. With Little You’s creative software and RIZE’s XRIZE full-colour 3-D printing technology, users are enabled to use the best of the tech and most sturdy materials to build astounding full-colour custom toys without any mess. All you have to do is click your mouse. It especially motivates kids to move beyond the conventional and bringing their artistic capabilities at play.

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