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Let's Get Together for a Family Fun Night

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

It is now 2022! It's time to leave all your stress behind and get yourself involved in some fun games with your family. We have brought a list of some of the most interesting and exciting games that you and your family can enjoy during your holidays. These games are for people of all ages and not just your family but also you can add your friends and guests as part of these games so that they don't feel left out at the party. Try out these games if you still haven't.

  • The charades game

This game can be played by young and old alike. If you have still haven't played the charades game before, here is what you need to know about it. The entire family is divided into two teams. One member from each team steps forward and draws a chit consisting of words that are to be enacted and has to be guessed by the member of the opposite team. If not use chits, you can also use the charades app that is available in your app stores.

  • Guess Who

It is one of the most loved games of childhood and it is still as lively as those old times. The family is divided into two teams and if you do not wish to continue as teams you can all enjoy it without dividing yourself into teams. You have to add the names of famous characters, movies, songs, famous dialogues, countries, or any other thing and put it in the form of some clues or sentences or words that refer to what's there on your card but not the exact word. While the rest of the family members have to guess what the opposite person is trying to say.

  • Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunt is an all-time favourite game. In this game, you have to hunt down step-by-step with the help of clues leading to the final hidden treasure. This treasure could be a gift or prize. You can all get yourself divided into 2 or 3 teams, this will make the game more fun.

  • The Flour Game

This is one of the most trending holiday games. This game does not require much preparation; you simply need a bowl of flour, a plate or a tray, and a knife. Fill the bowl with flour up to the top and place the tray over it and slowly tip the bowl over the tray. Lift the bowl slowly creating a mood of flour over the tray. Now add something that acts as a lifesaver right in the middle of the mold. Each member takes a turn and cuts a part of the flour until the lifesaver falls. The member on whose turn the lifesaver falls has the dip his face into the flour.

  • Blow out the Candles

Put five or more candles that are equidistant from each other. Opposite each candle, you can place rewards in the form of money, chocolates, or anything. Light all the candles. Each member will take a turn and stand at one end and try to blow out the candles. For each candle blown off, the member can take the respective rewards.

Lastly, you can also get your young toddlers involved with the Little You 3D anime characters. This will not only keep them involved but also train their mind to think out of the box.

The end of a year always points towards a new beginning. So why not start this amazing new year with your loved ones. It's time to plan an explicit new year beginning with amazing games that every family member can play. A family fun night is just the right way to a fresh start of this amazing new year.

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