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Best 3D Software For Beginners

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Did you know that scientists have made achievements in printing human organs? As a matter of fact, they are now looking forward to print the entire human body with much less effort. Thank goodness for the 3D printing technology. We are now capable of rendering and printing most 3D objects without stopping at a factory. Let's explore some of the incredible ways of rendering 3D objects and relevant tools for amateurs and beginners.

In principle, there are three categories of 3D models.

Solid 3D models

These are models that imitate solid objects that actually exist in the physical world. For example, House designs, complex machine parts, and other real objects simulations. 3D solid model often takes into consideration aspects such as volume, angles, and dimensions. 3D solid models are the most complicated but realistic models to render.

Surface 3D models

As the name implies, surface 3D models are models that simply define the surface appearance not an object. Surface 3D models are relatively easy to work with as compared to 3D solid models. The models have also earned a great reputation in the movie industry and animation.

Wire frame 3D models

Wire frame 3D models are probably the most elementary models in the 3D industry. These models are rendered using lines and curves which then weaves into a complex object or surface. Wireframe models are highly recommended for beginners because they are less time consuming and simple to render.

Tools to Consider

The next fundamental step for a beginner is to have appropriate tools for the 3D modelling quest. Some of the most recommended tools for beginners include:

Sketch up Free

Sketch Up Free is one of the suitable tools for any 3D modelling beginner. Although it can be quite daunting for a beginner to understand its basic tutorials, once you grasp the tutorial part of it then rendering a 3D object should be a breeze. Some of the models you can render on sketch up includes trees, buildings, machine parts and machine layouts. It's worth noting that Sketchup free version offers powerful features that are just enough for any beginner. WebLink


AutoCAD is a program that allows beginners to render 2D drawings and plans. Although it has a complex interface, it's definitely a "nail on the head" for anyone aspiring to carry on with 3D modelling. As a beginner, you can give a shot the free trial version for thirty days. That way, you can build remarkable confidence as you look forward to more complex structures.


TinkerCAD is a general purpose program suitable for beginners and artistic children. The program enables the user to create complex objects using some basic building blocks and shapes. The objects can also be printed with a breeze. Alternatively, users can import vector shapes which can further be rendered or printed. The program can be accessed on mobile devices and tablets. Tinker is definitely a high priority for 3D printing amateurs.

This guide is prepared to enrich the beginners with basic know-how of 3D modelling and suitable tools. Stay connected for more great tools and information.


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